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GL: You must have learnt a lot along the way in the past 10 years at Green Labyrinth, what’s been the 1 thing that sticks in your memory as the biggest learning curve?

S: The one thing that sticks in my mind as the biggest learning curve is believe you can do it! Do not hold back and embrace the risk… Being risk adverse this has been something that I have had to embrace myself over the 10 years in business.

GL: There will have been lots of great stories from the past decade, especially in an environment with young adults, what’s been your favourite?

S: There are many stories that I could pass on, however, many of them are unprintable! Food deliveries from Dad who then decided to join the class and have lunch with us! A learner who was taking the wrong path attended our Study Programme and has subsequently secured a job and is loving it!

GL: If you could go back 10 years, to the start and do anything differently, what would it be?

S: The strategy of growth implemented by GL 10 years ago has been realised in our current Government contract value. Changes along the way were peppered with some difficult decisions but overall, we should be proud of the successes of the business in 2020

GL: What is your one piece of advice to anyone setting up in business?

S: Plan, do a bit more planning and then plan again

GL: What would you say has been the biggest change in Education in the past 10 years?

S: There have been a lot of educational reforms across all levels; from GCSE and A Levels through to the funding changes in post-16 delivery and the qualifications from QCF to RQF. In May 2017, the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Standards has, in my opinion, had the most impact on post-16 delivery.

GL: If you could work with any other Business Person (famous or not) who would that be and why?

S: Anita Roddick – Founder of the Body Shop. One of the most successful franchise models which is always something that I have been asked to consider given the success of our SP model in Swindon.

GL: Why should organisations consider apprenticeships?

S: There are so many different ways that apprenticeship funded courses can enhance a business. Companies may be looking to upskill their junior or senior management teams in management theory, knowledge and skills. The ILM Leadership and Management apprenticeships offer a blended approach to learning and the knowledge gained will be applied on projects and tasks within the apprenticeships job role.

The apprenticeship standards encourage upskilling of current staff and can fit in with busy working lives. Businesses should also consider apprenticeships in modern technologies for our young people who have achieved an academic standard at school or college which can be applied through the new digital technology apprenticeship suite.

Having had a number of young people work with Green Labyrinth Training, I can confirm the success that we have had with our apprenticeships has been very positive.

GL: What is your one piece of advice for Apprentices?

S: Apply for an apprenticeship in a field that is of interest to you and that you have some experience in. If you are leaving school then make sure you have strong employability skills. Employers would prefer to appoint a young person with a positive attitude and then support the training of their job role.

GL: Just for fun – what did you want to do as a career at 10 years old?

S: An air hostess!

GL: Last Question, where would you want to be in 10 years’ time?

S: On the back of a motorbike is South America on the third trip through this region.

Another 10 questions for 10 years down! Make sure you keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more upcoming blogs and events to help us celebrate this monumental year!

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