AAT – Bookkeeping & Accountancy Training

Every business, regardless of size or industry, needs employees with finance and accounting skills.

Imagine having a qualification which could set you up for life; a qualification which can open doors to the world's most respected and well-paid professions. With so many options to choose from, having an AAT qualification will give you the opportunity to work in any industry you can think of. After all, everyone needs someone to look after their finances.


Why train with AAT?

  • Qualifications employers want
  • Go on to chartered accountancy - AAT is recognised and respected by all UK chartered and certified accountancy bodies
  • Boost your earning potential
  • Retrain at any age
  • Key skills - become more employable
  • Great salaries
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I think about a career in accountancy? Every organisation needs bookkeeping and/or accounting staff. From premiership football clubs to the police, retailers and accountancy practices; you could carve a career for yourself in almost any industry.

  2. What do I need to have to study with AAT? Almost everyone can, including school leavers. You don't need any formal qualifications to study an AAT qualification, but it helps to be comfortable with numbers. You must be able to take assessments in English.

  3. Can I study as part of an apprenticeship? Absolutely. Many employers recruit accounting apprentices and provide on the job training through accounting apprenticeships.

  4. Where will I study? Green Labyrinth Training are AAT Approved trainers and our regional training centre is based in central Swindon within walking distance of both the train and bus stations, with large public car parks only one street away.

  5. How long will it take? The qualifications vary depending on which one you choose to study. Some of the shorter qualifications can take up to 6 months whereas the full suite of Accounting Qualifications can take up to three years.

  6. Can I earn while I learn? Yes, you can. Many students successfully train and work either full-time or part-time. An apprenticeship could be a perfect solution if you are considering learning while you earn.

  7. If I wanted to become a chartered accountant, should I go to university? If you want to become a chartered accountant, the AAT qualification is likely to get you there faster and for much less money than through university.

The AAT qualifications in bookkeeping and accounting from access level 1 through to 4.

Contact our team today to discuss your route to AAT qualifications and access to potential funding for your training.