New studies have left the question of ‘what do parents truly think about apprenticeships’ up in the air. As more apprenticeship standards get approved for delivery every month, parents’ views on apprenticeships are constantly evolving.

A recent article published by FE News demonstrates that nearly half (49%) of parents would encourage their son/daughter to start an apprenticeship rather than apply for university, as they offer a ‘better chance of getting a good job’, with a little over half of parents considering the costs of university education to be the key factor in their preference for their child to take up an apprenticeship.

An article was published by Tes with different findings, portraying the fact that parents consider apprenticeships a ‘last resort’, as a new survey suggests a third of parents aren’t actually aware of what an apprenticeship is. A few of the myths parents have about apprenticeships are:

  • Apprentices are thought to be poorly paid
  • Parents see apprentices as a ‘last resort’ for those who fail exams
  • The perception that apprenticeships do not lead to successful careers

One of the measures that has been put in place to bust these myths is the introduction of the ‘Baker clause’. This legal duty requires schools to open their door to colleges and FE providers. This is positive for training providers as it opens up more opportunities to go into schools and speak to students, making them aware of the options available to them.

Simon Ashworth, Chief Policy Officer of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers has said there is a long way to go in order to convince parents and teachers on the advantages of choosing an apprenticeship. He added:

Young people themselves are ahead of the game, especially in terms of questioning whether they burden themselves with student debt.

“As more schools implement the Baker Clause requirements with a recognition that apprenticeships are for pupils of all abilities, the message should get through to more parents as their children explain that apprenticeships can put young people on the road to a highly successful career.”

We work closely with schools, young people and parents alike to keep busting the myths about apprenticeships, providing valuable information to them about potential life-changing opportunities.

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