Managing the Quality of Provision

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Managing the Quality of Provision

A Comprehensive Quality Assurance Approach

Green Labyrinth is an Independent Training Provider which is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) which means we are subject to OFSTED scrutiny for the overall quality of education. Guidance on the OFSTED Education Inspection Framework.
All students complete a course induction which helps teachers create an individual learning plan. Green Labyrinth leaders manage the quality of education and ensure students are progressing from their individual start points, identified at induction.

The quality of the vocational curriculum is assured by teacher assessed assignments following the Awarding Organisations (AO) standards. Portfolios are subject to quality assurance before certification. Functional Skills is classroom based with a mixture of teacher assessed and AO set examinations. Teachers are subjected to observations of teaching to maintain the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

GCSEs are classroom-based courses

Like schools and colleges, GCSEs have nationally set exams on specific dates in the summer, sat under stringent invigilator monitored exam conditions. Green Labyrinth is subject to audit by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), to ensure compliance and maintain the integrity of exams.

Access to Diverse Opportunities and Guidance

Green Labyrinth ensures its learners have access to a wide range of employers and training providers. All learners are given Independent Advice and Guidance (IAG) as part of their course to support them in gaining new skills and knowledge to progress in education, training or work.

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