Marshall was a Study Programme student at Green Labyrinth and recently visited to tell us about his time here.

Before Green Labyrinth, Marshall hadn’t had the best experience in education; he had been kicked out of college and after his plan to join the Army fell through, he felt directionless and told us he didn’t know what his options were for the future.

As an alternative to rejoining the major colleges around Swindon, Marshall joined Green Labyrinth’s Study Programme, an educational programme which promotes personalised learning and wellbeing and has a focus on learner progression. He told us he was anxious when he first started at Green Labyrinth but soon discovered “everyone was really nice” and that he “got on with everyone really well”.

Marshall told us he began to feel supported and was more confident in himself “pretty much immediately” after starting, and the staff and environment at Green Labyrinth are better than any other school or college he’s been to. He told us that the smaller class sizes and the emphasis on emotional and social support made him feel like more of a priority.

“I was more confident in myself pretty much immediately”

When asked about his overall experience of his time in the Study Programme, Marshall happily told us he made friends with most of the students he met while at Green Labyrinth, and his two years in the Study Programme made him more confident and happier in himself.

After Marshall completed his Study Programme, he was offered an apprenticeship as an outdoor instructor and began his new career in October 2019. Marshall told us that working as an outdoor instructor is great fun and he’s planning on staying in his current position for the foreseeable future, and before starting at Green Labyrinth, he didn’t even know that it was even an option, but he definitely wants to stay and progress in the industry.

In the near future, Marshall wants to travel and continue gaining qualifications so he can progress as an outdoor instructor.

When asked if he would recommend Green Labyrinth to other students, Marshall gave us an enthusiastic “Yes, definitely”.

“Would you recommend Green Labyrinth to other students?”

“Yes, definitely”

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