Due to the current national lockdown, Green Labyrinth Study Programme is offering an online timetable with some face to face lessons for vulnerable learners. We understand this is a concerning time for everybody and below we hope to answer any questions you may have. 

Why have you closed?

Green Labyrinth Training is following Government guidance. The safety of our learners and staff is the most important factor in providing our service.

With the advice from the government and W.H.O (World Health Organization) on the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing gives us the best chance at slowing down the spread of the virus. By offering remote learning, we can limit social contact and still provide education to our young people. 

Why was I not invited to face to face lessons?

The government has outlined the definition of a vulnerable learner and learners who match these categories have been offered limited face to face sessions. If you are struggling with online learning, please contact your mentor on mentors@greenlabyrinth.uk

I am vulnerable and chose online learning but now want to come to college. Can I change?

In line with our Health & Safety and Safeguarding policies, we have a limit to how many people can be in the building at any one time. We will consider changes up to Friday 15th January but cannot promise face to face sessions due to staffing and the potential disruption to your learning. After this date, we will not amend any groups and your learning will be 100% online until Friday 12th February. 

Will attendance be monitored?

Registers will be taken for all compulsory lessons and completed work will be recorded for all learners. Attendance and completed work for optional sessions will also be recorded. 

Online lessons - Your tutors will email you if you do not log in to an online session.

Face to face lessons - You will be called or sent a text message if you do not attend a face to face session. If you miss 2 weeks of face to face lessons, your timetable will automatically be changed to online learning.

Attendance will be analysed every Friday to make sure we have heard from you and that you are safe! 

What will my online learning look like?

Please see the table below for what you must attend and what you can choose to attend. All optional activities are open to learners attending face to face sessions:

You must attend/complete:You can choose to attend/complete:
Live online lessons using TEAMS. Your tutor will email you a link which will take you to the TEAMS screen to join the lesson with your tutor and classmates. You will need your workbook which was posted to you. These lessons are recorded for everyone’s safety. You can turn your camera off. A careers email sent every Tuesday by Jess Cook, our Work Coach. This will be a careers related activity such as a video and worksheet or available jobs in Swindon. This is optional.
A tutorial email sent every Wednesday by Amy. This is a short self-guided lesson with an activity to complete and send back to Amy by email afarley@greenlabyrinth.uk. This is due by the following Monday. This must be completed as it forms a part of your hours.Support Drop-In onlinesessions with each tutor. These are optional for you to join if you need help with your workbooks.
Mentor Drop-In onlinesession on Thursday 12:00-12:45. This is optional for you to speak to a mentor if you need someone to talk to or have a problem. You can use this session to book a longer mentor meeting if you need it.
Face to face or online 1:1 careers session with Jess Cook on a Tuesday. This is optional. Email jcook@greenlabyrinth.uk if you would like to book in for help with your CV, to apply for a job or any careers-related support you need.

Will I fall behind on my work?

Green Labyrinth staff have put together Maths, English and Employability workbooks for you to complete. These have been posted to you or will be provided to you if you attend face to face lessons. 

For our GCSE learners, please know that all your hard work so far is not wasted. We will keep updated on the AQA website and government announcements about how qualifications will be awarded. Updates will be posted on the website and links emailed to you.

Every tutor is offering an online support session every week if you need help with your work. Contact your tutor if you would like to book in or have any questions or concerns about the work set. You can also get help from your tutor via email. 

What if I can’t access my classwork?

If you have any problems in accessing online lessons or the work you have been sent, please contact your tutor first. If you do not remember your GLO login details, please email studyp@greenlabyrinth.uk

What if I am unwell?

It is important to follow government guidelines and stay inside your home. Do continue to work through your workbook if you are well enough. Please let us know you are unwell and contact your tutor if you are unable to complete the work due to illness. 

It is very important that you follow self-isolation rules if you develop symptoms. Do not come to the college building if you feel unwell.

I’m worried about not having any support from Green Labyrinth

Staff at Green Labyrinth will be answering calls and emails during normal working hours. If you want to talk to someone please call us on 07914669397 or 01793 236245 or email us on studyp@greenlabyrinth.uk. For the most up-to-date information, please check our website www.greenlabyrinth.co.uk

If I am entitled, will I still receive my bursary?

If you are entitled to Free School Meals, you will receive a payment every fortnight in lieu of packed lunches. If you are attending face to face lessons and are on site over a lunchtime, remember to bring food as none will be provided. 

Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme

Face-to-face meetings are limited with most contact taking place on the telephone. You can call Nick and Emma on 07914670448 or email them at bboteam@greenlabyrinth.uk for more details. 


Your safety is extremely important to us. If we have not heard from you, we will continue to contact you and your parent or guardian to ensure you are safe. 

If you have a concern that may put you at any risk, please call 07914669397 or 01793 236245 or email safeguarding@greenlabyrinth.uk. All calls and emails will be answered between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Your tutors will also pass any concerns to the safeguarding team.

If you are in immediate danger please contact the emergency services on 999. 

If you feel anxious or distressed at anytime, here are some websites which can help:





Celebrate the Wins

There is an online notice board for all learners, staff & parents to post your positives, things you would like to celebrate or questions you want to ask on a public forum. Only positive comments will be approved!

Online Notice Board

Password: Lockdown2

Finally, all staff at Green Labyrinth would like you to know that we want you to stay safe. We are still here to support you and we will see you as soon as is safely possible. 

Kind Regards,

Rayanne Ordette 

Study Programme Head

Laura Frankham-Gething

Head of ALS and DSL

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