How can you make apprenticeships work for you and your company? Are there things your business can do to ensure it is a success within your company? Whether you are a Levy or a Non Levy business our top tips are the same!

Business admin

  1. Ensure that you treat apprentices in exactly the same way as you would treat any other member of your team – promote fairness! Team member should be recruited for a role and not just an apprenticeship. Ensure you pay a good wage regardless of age and whether they are an apprentice or not.
  2. Invest in people to keep them in the business. See any costs as an investment and not an additional cost. Retention is also a key benefit to focus on with the majority of apprentices staying in role after they have completed their training and qualification.
  3. Take time to ensure you select the right training provider. At Green Labyrinth our team take the time to understand your requirements and clearly guide you through each of the funding and qualification routes available to you. We specialist in
    1. ILM Business Leadership & Management,
    2. Business Administration, Customer Services,
    3. IT Programmes,
    4. Digital Marketing
    5. AAT Bookkeeping and Accountancy.
  4. Be creative with the 20% off the job training recruitment. Many businesses and managers see the 20% off the job training requirement as a huge challenge and even a burden. Try to explore more creative ways of using this time. Considering taking them to trade shows, conference or other industry related activities.
  5. Ensure you understand the end point assessment. Invest time in understanding what your apprentices are going through. You need to be aware in order to provide them with the support that they need.

Apprenticeships are a fabulous solution to assist in tackling a skills shortage in many industries and investment in apprenticeships means an investment in your business for the future.

Take a look at our apprenticeship programmes and the support we offer organisations to find the right apprentice for them.