Strategic Partnerships

Chalkhill Blue is an award-winning business coaching and consultancy firm with one simple goal: to help business owners, senior executives and management teams unlock their true potential, and that of their respective businesses.

Unlike many other advisory businesses, the Chalkhill Blue team all possess considerable experience of running multiple businesses. Entrepreneurialism is in their blood. They’ve all been sat where you’re sitting right now and understand the challenges that business owners are facing only too well.

Green Labyrinth has been helping Chalkhill Blue recruit and train their Digital Marketing Apprentices for the last 18 months. At present they have 3 digital marketing apprentices in their team. As a business they’re passionate about building high performance teams and developing talent, which is why they choose to give ambitious young people the skills they need to kick start their working lives through apprenticeship schemes.

If you’d like to find out more about Chalkhill Blue click here: or take their Milestone Survey to understand what stage your business is currently at and get your bespoke 20+ page report to help you take it to the next level:

Turn your Team in to Techies, Green Machine are offering Level 3 Infrastructure Technician and Level 4 Network Engineer courses, ideal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd line team members. Training and experience in a working environment with exposure to clients, vast amounts of equipment and a fully stocked repair centre, workshop and class room.