Motivation is the main driver to any activity in our lives. It’s what we need to give us that ‘get up and go’ and complete the tasks at hand. A lack of motivation can be the biggest obstacle when it comes to ticking those things off your to-do list! So, in this blog we are going to be giving you all the best tips for how to regain your lost motivation & make sure it sticks around!

First thing’s first, understanding? What causes your lack of motivation? The main causes for no motivation can range from feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed to a lack of commitment to even more serious concerns such as mental health issues. But don’t be disheartened as there is a method to the madness for everybody, the trick is finding it…

Motivation Method 1 – ‘Fake it till you make it’

Telling yourself that you are motivated even if you are not might be a small white lie but if it helps you get where you are going… I’m sure you’ll forgive yourself! Surrounding yourself with positive quotes and manifestations can never be a bad thing, and they might just give you the nudge that you need. Dressing the part can also create the illusion of being motivated because what unmotivated person gets dressed? This one! “You can never be overdressed… just the best dressed!”

Method 2 – Lists galore!

This is a classic cliché of motivation building… make a list! Any list! All the lists! Maybe even make a list that isn’t a list… it’s just a bunch of jumbled up phrases that won’t make sense to any outsider… It’s a secret code for you and you alone… but if it helps or gets the job done… who cares! Make a to-do lists with dates and times and little tick boxes that you can triumphantly tick as you go through getting a little more serotonin with each angled mark.

Or even write a detailed list of each task, jotting down what it’s going to take to complete the project. You can also order you list however you like; start with the jobs you hate the most and work towards things you do, making each job more fun as you go. Why not do the opposite, starting with things you want to do (to get into the swing of it) and then you have started as you mean to go on. The other option is a list based on priority. High priority tasks get done first then you go down as each task has less pressure than the last. Before you know it, you’re done! (Here are some great templates you get you started:

Method 3 – Change it up…

If your desk is facing a wall try & reposition it to look out a window as a change of scenery or if you’re in the kitchen, move to the living room… A change of set up might be all you need. Change your exercise routine. If you don’t have one, make one! Schedule some time in each day for a small amount of exercise and commit to doing it. You could put a note on your Fridge saying, ‘2 mins, workout, everyday’. Keep it short and sweet so you are sure to read it and really work on sticking to it. Get a fitness tracker or a buddy if that helps. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, lower feelings of anxiety & depression, boost self-esteem and improve sleep… So it can’t all be bad… right?

These are just a few of the ways you can regain some of your lost motivation. Try one or all or none of them but if you’re here to find some help, we hope this has been the start to your road of motivation recovery! If you would like to fill your time with some education to get you re-motivated… Why not take a look at our website and see if any of our courses light that spark. If you find one that does, simply email or call us on 01793 236245 for more information!

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