As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic more people than ever are working from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re new to working remotely and just need a boost of motivation or just looking to level up, these tips can help you stay productive and maintain balance while adjusting to the new normal!

Set up a desk, keep a designated work space and stay organised!

Working at a desk can be more productive and can help ease the stress and anxiety felt when essay or assignment pressure is too much. With a desk, you can also ensure that your bed is left as a relaxing and peaceful space that will encourage you to sleep, as well as improve the quality of sleep you experience.

Work from a schedule…

Working from a calendar or a schedule ensures that you complete your responsibilities in the time allotted. There might be some times when you finish early or have to put in overtime. But, having a consistent work schedule encourages you to get your work done effectively and efficiently making your life as simple as possible. It also makes sure you don’t spend too much time on something of little importance. Time distribution is key!

Take a walk.

Taking a walk can improve your mood and help you get better sleep whether it’s at the start of the day, lunchtime or even after work… WFH makes us move less. It creates a situation that could lead to weight gain, sleep problems, loneliness, social anxiety, and so many other long-term health issues. Therefore, an exercise routine is absolutely necessary when working from home.

Communication is key!

Good communication when working from home is key, and keeping in touch with your colleagues makes work more enjoyable and prevents the feeling of total isolation. Some of the ways you can keep in touch can include going beyond email, why not give someone a call? Using chat and video applications to see some other faces that arent family or pets… Sharing more content and keeping up to date with current events, and even getting involved in virtual social events can alleviate the feeling of boredom when WFH.

Whichever methods you choose there are also many other ways to make working from home not so tedious… for example enrolling in an online course to break up the day! Here at Green Lab we offer a wide range of online courses that cover all manner of subjects…

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