An Apprenticeship is being in full-time paid employment or gaining a qualification at the same time. The good thing about an apprenticeship is you can put your skills into practice which will help you progress into a career path within the industry that you choose to go into.

Here at Green Labyrinth we deliver a wide range of apprenticeships! Some of the apprenticeships we deliver are business admin, customer service, digital marketing, data analyst, IT, recruitment and accountancy, however, you’re more than welcome to go on our website and you’ll be able to find all the qualifications that we deliver.

Another benefit of doing an apprenticeship is after you’ve completed your qualification, the employer is more than likely to take you on after. They will then progress you into a different role depending on what career path you go into.

Most of our apprenticeships here at Green Lab last from 12 months to two years depending on what level you do. So say for example you do a level 2 then a level 2 qualification will be 12 months, if you do a level 3 then the qualification will be 15 months… however if you do a level 5 then the qualification will be two years. The good thing about an apprenticeship is if you start at level two then you can progress all the way up depending on what qualification you go into.

For Employers

Did you know, any employer who hires a new apprentice between 1 April 2021 and 30 September 2021 will now receive £3,000 per new hire. (Regardless of the apprentice’s age) This is on top of the £1,000 payment already provided for new apprentices aged 16 to 18. As a result, some employers could receive £4,000 in total! DON’T HESITATE, if you have an apprenticeship vacancy contact TODAY to get the ball rolling!

Rachel Spratling, Director, Chalkhill Blue

“Green Labyrinth were instrumental in finding suitable candidates for this round of recruitment. When hiring apprentices, it’s much more about their soft skills (e.g. personality, ambition, adaptability) than their hard skills (e.g experience).

Green Labyrinth really understood the soft skills we were looking for which made finding the right people so much easier.

Since starting their Apprenticeships back in March, Ruby & Sophie have made huge steps forward and have both become integral parts of the Marketing Team at Chalkhill Blue. Having completed modules on Principles of Coding, Google Analytics and now the Principles of Marketing… they are becoming well rounded junior marketers able to apply their knowledge and learnings across a whole range of areas in the business.”

For Learners

Apprenticeships are available for anyone 16 and over so there are always other options for you to look into if you didn’t get the uni or college place you wanted! If you need help deciding what to do… contact us today to find out how we can help you kick start your career!

Green Labyrinth Training also always have Apprenticeship positions that need to be filled… why not see if you or someone you know could be right for the job by visiting our vacancies page:

Phoebe Coleman, Maintenance Renewals Executive at Loop1, Digital Marketing L3

“My apprenticeship was a struggle and I never thought I would be able to complete it. After my first submission, I found it really hard to stay focused and try to explain my role better – however with the fantastic support from my workplace and my mentor at Green Labyrinth… I was able to confidently resubmit my portfolio and achieve a distinction!”

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